West Africa

West Africa is experiencing great poverty. As many as 70% of residents do not have enough money to get around. People often have no work and face other difficulties in their life. Many viewers of our drama series recognize their own story and call the aftercare team.

Our key partner is based in Ivory Coast. The media team produces 11 programs and 12 re-edits. Relevant issues in our programs are: domestic violence, immigration, child trafficking and HIV/Aids.

They are broadcast on national and regional TV channels, as well as via satellite channels and digital platforms in 11 countries: Ivory Coast, Niger, Mali, Chad, Guinea Conakry, Burkina Faso, Central African Republic, Cameroon, Togo, Benin and DR Congo.

The life journey of Guy

Guy’s story can be told as one long road trip. From the moment he fled with his parents from Togo to Ivory Coast as an economic refugee, to the moment he sits in front of me to tell me his life story. Guy’s life has not always been easy. For years he lived on the street as a child and had no contact with his parents. Yet he always heard a voice in his head that gave him hope for a better future.

When I was five, my parents divorced,” says Guy. “I was just in first class at primary school. I didn’t know if I belonged to my father or mother. That’s how I ended up on the street.

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West Africa - jongens

Impact and future plans

Nearly 450,000 viewers responded to our popular drama series on television and to our programs on the internet and Facebook. More than 50% of the West African population, especially youth, are using social media and mobile phones. Our aim is to continue the production of 24 drama series. The follow-up will be developed into discipleship programs and training for the counselors and churches involved, so they can equip people to grow as a disciple for Jesus Christ. By using local language, people can understand the message even better. We plan to translate programs into the Bambara and Wolof languages.


Thank the Lord for all the TV channels that broadcast our programs in 11 countries. Pray for a radical spiritual transformation of the viewers of these programs.


The media team is travelling every week with all their equipment to film locations. The van is getting old and has several defects. They need a new one to produce the drama series. You can join us with a donation for a new van. The costs are $ 27,500.

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