West Africa

6 of the 13 countries we reach in West Africa are ranked among the top 50 countries in the world that persecute Christians.

In West Africa, we focus on 13 countries with a combined (estimated) total population of 307,150,000 people, of whom 33.35% (102,449,000) have not been reached with the gospel. A majority of these countries (7/13) have a predominantly Islamic faith base.

Despite this, our partnership in West Africa - spanning over 30 years - continues to yield tremendous fruit as we see more and more people come to Christ in this region where many of the nations are predominantly Muslim. Having started our journey in this region using television programs to disseminate Christian messaging, we have evolved our strategy to include social media. With the proliferation of social media access, our program reach has grown exponentially; enhancing our prospects of impacting many of the nearly 320 unreached people groups in the region.

Recently, our partner reached 10,822,432 people through their social media presence across the respective countries, and 125,113 people through film screenings in hospitals and community centers. The film screenings have proven instrumental in leading people to salvation, as 4,766 people accepted Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior after participating in the showings. A significant portion of our work in West Africa also includes the broadcasting of our programs on national television channels, helping us reach tens of millions of people across the many countries we serve.

The use of societal issues such as HIV&AIDS, marriage, trust, and infidelity, as tools for introducing God-centered solutions to daily challenges has shown itself to be a successful strategy in this region. This, as our partner receives countless testimonies of how the realities portrayed in their programs give viewers a sense of shared life experiences, as the characters’ lives speak directly to situations they face.

Testimonies from West Africa

Changing lives through media

“I am writing to you because your topic is very important for me. I am Kojo, married for 9 years, without children. This situation is very difficult to handle because of the judgments and expectations of others. After watching your program, I realized that even Christian couples are not spared from unfaithfulness. If God had not intervened, my marriage would have been destroyed. The program has opened my eyes to the dangers in my marriage. I have decided to do more medical tests and even adopt a child in case of a negative result. For that, I am now morally and spiritually prepared to deal with this situation. Thank you for your help.” Kojo – West Africa.

Significant Impact

In West Africa, we broadcast our films on various national TV channels, in-person screenings within local communities, and social media. Each of these channels enables us to provide a multi-faceted follow-up service to seekers, connecting with them telephonically, face-to-face, or digitally, depending on their needs. In this regard, we are particularly excited about the expansion of our digital discipleship project through which local partners across our 13 countries are being capacitated to disciple seekers online.