West Africa

Our key partner in West Africa is based in Ivory Coast. They produce twelve new episodes in the family series Heartbeat annually. Twelve programs from the series Deadly Honey are yearly re-edited into a new series called Stinging Bee.

In our TV programs we address various issues related to HIV/Aids, which is prevalent there, as well as family tension and issues related to sexual immorality.

We reached a very large audience. In this part of the world we also participated in the production/broadcast of the movie Second Chance. In at least three different African countries this movie has been shown in churches and youth centers. Many people responded afterwards by writing letters to the partner. Some respondents even wrote that they wanted to give their lives to Jesus after seeing this movie.

Problems in West Africa

West Africa is experiencing great poverty. As many as 70% of residents do not have enough money to get around. People often have no work. Especially young people sit without work at home.

Broadcast countries

These programs were broadcasted in Cameroon, Togo, Binin, the Central African Republic, Niger, Guinee, Chad, Gabon, Burkina Faso, Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and Ivory Coast.


To make and broadcast the programs in West Africa, 3xM works with the partner organization New Generation Media (NGM). Over the years, a vast network of churches and church leaders has also been built up.

Our impact

We receive thousands of comments from viewers by phone or social media every year. Impact research shows that our program Deadly Honey loosens much.

Future plans

Our aim is to continue the production of 12 programs Heartbeat and 12 programs Stinging Bee annually. By using local language, people can understand the message even better. We plan to translate programs of Deadly Honey into the Bambara and Wolof languages.

We also need your support!

3xM wants to make more television broadcasts to reach more people, so more people are going to believe. To be able to do our work, we are completely dependent on Donations.

TV program summaries

Summary of the television program ‘dealy Honey’ in West Africa

Here you can find a brief impression of our programs: Program summary from West Africa

Summery of the television program ‘Next Generation’ in West Africa

Program summary from West Africa

3xM program Ivory Coast – Miel Mortel

Program summary from West Africa


3xM reaches people in countries where the word of God does not or hardly penetrates. With our television programs, we spread God’s message of love and hope. We do this in the native language and culture of the inhabitants of the country. For this we work with local partner organizations and churches.