Pakistan is considered an “extreme” nation in the context of Christian persecution, ranking near the top of the list of 50 countries that oppress Christians.

Pakistan is a predominantly Muslim nation with a population of approximately 228,184,000 people, 98% of whom subscribe to the Islamic religion. The country’s regime uses numerous discriminatory practices to subjugate Christians, including forced conversion and unjustified arrests. This coupled with the near impossibility of broadcasting Christian content on national television in Pakistan has forced us to use a more incremental approach to reach people in the remote regions of the country.

With the help of our local partner, we conduct community screenings of films that reflect the socio-cultural context of the country, undergirded by Christian principles. Using this strategy, we have been able to reach those living on the outskirts of society, who are subject to abject poverty and with limited access to basic services such as education. Since 2019, we have successfully run social media projects reaching and serving both Muslims and nominal Christians.

In recent years, we have conducted 459 screenings reaching 14,363 people. We have seen 1,143 nominal Christians accept Jesus Christ as their Savior, with Pastors reporting significant growth in churchgoers following our partner’s media project activities. Through their social media efforts, our partner has been able to grow their Facebook followers by 122.5%, from 42,357 to 94,239. Their Facebook posts have also generated 861,932 impressions, which represents the number of people who saw our Christian messaging on their screens through unpaid distribution. These efforts have ultimately led to 94 new disciples joining our ranks in a single year.

Testimonies from Pakistan

Spiritual Maturity

“Hai, I’m James. I have been caring for my mother and four siblings since my father’s death. I grew up Roman Catholic but really knew very little about the faith. I’m glad I found you on social media! Thank you so much for our conversations. I have recognized Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior. I am doing your online Bible studies and I am in contact with a church. Thank you!” James – Pakistan.

Significant Impact

We have seen growth in our Facebook page which is targeted toward nominal Christians and aims to motivate and prepare the Christian youth to become genuine digital disciples. We have also experienced a tremendous organic response to the launch of our YouTube channel which received 95,595 views since its launch in 2022. Our second Facebook page has attracted 173,049 followers, a majority of whom are Muslim.