In Pakistan, Islam is getting stronger and stronger and the blasphemy law is a real danger for Christians. In spite of this, the Pakistani Christians have an eagerness to share the message of Jesus Christ with their countrymen.




In many of the countries we have chosen to work in, we realize that the circumstances in which we are able to proclaim the Gospel are getting harder and often more dangerous. 

Currently it is not possible to broadcast on a national channel, but films are being projected in villages in the remote areas of the countryside. Many Christians in South Asia are vary poor and not able to write. There is currently an illiteracy rate of 52% and a lot of poverty. There is also very little knowledge about the Bible, a handicap for the local Christians to share the Gospel with others. Film showings and television programs provide an excellent way to reach individuals from all segments of the Pakistani society.

Problems in Pakistan

80 million Pakistanis live in poor conditions. They have no food, shelter or schooling. People live in poverty and can not read and write. Pakistan also has to deal with natural disasters and corruption.

Broadcast countries

The television channels in Pakistan are unfortunately not open to broadcasting 3xM programs. That is why we make contact with local pastors. We make agreements with them for the organization of film performances in the villages.


Since 2006 we have been working with a partner who produces and exhibits Christian films and programs.

Our impact

So far, more than 60,000 villagers have seen a performance. For people who can not read the Bible, a film is a great way to hear about God! Many Pakistani villagers have given their lives to Jesus thanks to the performances.

Future plans

The partner organization intends to visit 150 villages annually. They will organize film screenings for children and give workshops to women and Sunday school teachers. Our partner has also started with social media.

We also need your support!

3xM wants to make more television broadcasts to reach more people, so more people are going to believe. To be able to do our work, we are completely dependent on Donations.


3xM reaches people in countries where the word of God does not or hardly penetrates. With our television programs, we spread God’s message of love and hope. We do this in the native language and culture of the inhabitants of the country. For this we work with local partner organizations and churches.