In many of the countries we have chosen to work in, the circumstances in which we are able to proclaim the Gospel are getting harder and often more dangerous.

It is not possible in Pakistan to broadcast on a national channel, but films are being projected in villages in the remote areas of the countryside. Many Christians are very poor and not able to write. There is currently an illiteracy rate of 52%. Film showings and videos on digital platforms provide an excellent way to reach individuals from all segments of the Pakistani society.

The Word of God is spread to people in marginalized communities through the media. A fully equipped team travels in a van throughout the country with a wide collection of Christian movies and short films, usually dubbed in the Urdu language. Local pastors, elders, and councelors assist them to organize the film shows at an appropriate venue.

“Jesus performed miracles”
Saneha (11 years old) is a student in fourth grade in a remote village. She has three brothers and two sisters and belongs to a poor family. Her father is a shopkeeper and her mother is caring for the family. Saneha watched the film “Jesus for Children” at a showing for children in her village: “I learned that Jesus performed miracles. He stopped the storms and fed the five thousand. He died for my sins and is my Lord and Savior. A few months ago I watched this film and I still remember all the things. I also learned new songs and pray daily with my family. I shared the story of Jesus with my cousins and friends. They also liked it.”

pakistan - kinderen
Pakistan Kindervoorstelling

22,682 people visited one of our 145 film showings. On average eight persons convert to Jesus at every showing after conversations with the counseling team. The counselors are trained on follow-up and reach out to the visitors with the Gospel. Our partner also organizes training sessions for Sunday school teachers to make their teachings more effective. They find a great change in children through this course and many people started coming to Church because of their children.

Future plans
Our plan is to reach a larger audience with our programs and training sessions. The team will provide productions for social media activities and training courses for women, Sunday school teachers and counselors. They will be able to support people to strengthen their faith in the Lord and to visit a Church regularly and to share the Gospel with others.

Many people in remote areas live in poor conditions. Pray that they visit our showings and learn to know the love of Jesus Christ in their lives.

Bring change in the lives of Pakistani children. Support a Sunday school training. One course costs $ 867.

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