Central Asia

Our country of focus in Central Asia has an estimated population of more than 6,000,000 people, of whom 93% have not been reached with the gospel.

Our programs in Central Asia are designed around issues of justice and morality, wherein our partner creates content addressing bride kidnapping, alcohol and drug addiction, prostitution, and domestic violence. These programs have a large appeal, garnering nearly 11,000,000 views on social media. Numerous local television broadcasters have also taken to downloading our partner’s content from YouTube and broadcasting it on their networks.

Recently, our team of follow-up counselors met with and counseled nearly 3,000 people as part of the discipleship process of transitioning seekers into a local church community where they can grow in their faith. Their social media efforts resulted in 340,133 engagements and 10,991,310 video views on social media. Their influence continues to grow online, resulting in the number of subscribers on YouTube growing to 141,000, and their followers on Instagram increasing by 30,000.

“Bride kidnapping”

Kidnapping a girl and raping her and forcing her to marry you. That is a widespread tradition in Central Asia for many men. It causes fear and bonding problems by the women. “Our family has been tied down to certain patterns which are formed by the traditions in our country. Regularly these can become a burden, especially for my daughter in law,” explains Ekatarina (55-years old). Read more

Central Asia
Central Asia

Impact and future plans

In total we received 111,367 responses from viewers of our TV programs and websites. That is a threefold increase in comparison with the year before. We had nearly 8 million views via our three YouTube channels. We will add one counselor to the counseling team and one in a new country where we broadcast our programs. The number of responses is increasing. The follow-up will be professional with programs for discipleship, as well as the productions for social media. We plan to produce 16 new drama series and to generate the dubbing of 12 existing programs in other regional languages.


Our partner works in dangerous areas, where his family was threatened by Muslims. Pray for the Lord’s protection for his family and work.


Many people in Central Asia suffer from the violence, abuse and addiction in their country. Join us to spread the Gospel to the people who need Jesus. The production of one drama series costs $ 7,224.

Central Asia


3xM reaches people in countries where the word of God does not or hardly penetrates. With our television programs, we spread God’s message of love and hope. We do this in the native language and culture of the inhabitants of the country. For this we work with local partner organizations and churches.