Central Asia

Our country of focus in Central Asia has an estimated population of more than 6,000,000 people, of whom 93% have not been reached with the gospel.

Our programs in Central Asia are designed around issues of justice and morality, wherein our partner creates content addressing bride kidnapping, alcohol and drug addiction, prostitution, and domestic violence. These programs have a large appeal, garnering nearly 11,000,000 views on social media. Numerous local television broadcasters have also taken to downloading our partner’s content from YouTube and broadcasting it on their networks.

Recently, our team of follow-up counselors met with and counseled nearly 3,000 people as part of the discipleship process of transitioning seekers into a local church community where they can grow in their faith. Their social media efforts resulted in 340,133 engagements and 10,991,310 video views on social media. Their influence continues to grow online, resulting in the number of subscribers on YouTube growing to 141,000, and their followers on Instagram increasing by 30,000.

Testimonies from CENTRAL ASIA

The peace of God

“I had problems with my heart for a long time. My rhythm wasn’t stable and it made me feel like he could stop at any time of the day. I was very afraid of dying, especially because I didn’t know what would happen to my children. It kept me awake at night. When I saw a message on social media, I contacted you. We met and you prayed with me. I immediately felt different! My heart problems are gone. I’m so happy! My heart is back in the right place, thanks to your prayer.” Jennbat – Central Asia.

Significant Impact

Our Christian content addresses social issues such as domestic violence, conflict resolution, reconciliation, and intergenerational relationships. Women in Central Asia comprise a large proportion of respondents who actively seek guidance pertaining to these topics, with a key area of concern for them being that women in their society are undervalued. These women profess their reliance on our partner’s ministry continuing to create content that helps to change the stereotypical views of women as weak and incapable of supporting themselves.