Central Asia

The Islam is currently the leading religion in Central Asia. Any outing of beliefs other than the Islam are restricted.





3xM is making television programs popular among viewers over relevant social issues in Central Asia. Programs interesting for a large audience.

Through these programs we are able to bring devastating social problems into the light. In all of these programs the gospels message of hope, healing and change is proclaimed. In this way we are able to successfully introduce program viewers to Jesus and the Christian faith.

Problems in Central Asia

Family relationships are often quite complicated. the kidnapping of brides is a serious problem in Central Asia. An old tradition in which a man simply kidnaps and rapes a girl that he wants to marry. A tradition of terrible injustice bring pain and bitterness into these relationships. Alcohol abuse is also a growing problem in this region of the world.

Broadcast countries

We do not mention where 3xM broadcasts the programs in the Central Asia region in connection with the safety of the partner organization. Because of the limited religious freedom we broadcast via a regional media station, a satellite channel and the internet. We deploy volunteers who distribute the programs via DVDs.


Since 2007, our partner organization has produced more than 400 programs and music clips. Thanks to this partner, volunteers have already distributed more than half a million DVDs! In 2016, 3xM, together with an association for children with Down’s Syndrome, made a number of programs. As a result, public opinion about these children has changed positively.

Our impact

Our work has a lot of impact. 3xM annually reaches more than 170,000 people via the internet. The number of viewer responses is growing. The stories are amazing. Viewers say that their behavior has changed positively, or that they have converted to God! This gives us strength and energy to continue our work.

Future plans

We are going to produce new drama programs. These deal with current topics such as domestic violence, child labor and bullying. We continue to distribute DVDs containing our television programs. We will also broadcast the new productions online. The use of internet in Central Asia is increasing rapidly.

We also need your support!

3xM wants to make more television broadcasts to reach more people, so more people are going to believe. To be able to do our work, we are completely dependent on Donations.


3xM reaches people in countries where the word of God does not or hardly penetrates. With our television programs, we spread God’s message of love and hope. We do this in the native language and culture of the inhabitants of the country. For this we work with local partner organizations and churches.