Bangladesh is one of the world’s most densely populated countries, with more than 166 million inhabitants. Many people live in poverty, with a majority of the population being under the age of 24.

Bangladeshis are allured by television. 70% of the population has access to TV, the most popular medium. This means that millions of people in Bangladesh are being reached with the life changing message of the Gospel. Less than 1% of the population is Christian.

The drama series are broadcast on a national TV channel. Explicit evangelism is not possible at this time, but every episode contains a Bible verse or conveys Biblical values. At the end of each program contact information is provided, giving viewers the opportunity to respond to the program. Follow-up is given by a counselor who may pray with viewers and/or refer them to a local church.

Our impact
In Bangladesh a handicapped child is seen as a curse brought on by the misdeeds of their parents. Robert and Rita have a handicapped son: “Our child is a gift from God,” says Rita. “We have to love him.” Therefore, they tenderly care for him and experience the peace and joy that he gives them. In the television program Robert and Rita share their story to encourage other couples with a handicapped child. There are 3,4 million children living with a disability in this country. Thousands of viewers responded to the program which impacts their attitudes and lives.

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Future plans
We will weekly broadcast 52 drama series on national television and the internet. In addition, we will broadcast 4 special themed productions around Easter and Christmas. We will also continue with the development of aftercare activities and the use of social media.

Pray that many people will be touched by the Lord through the programs broadcast on the new TV channel. This new channel has a larger audience then the previous channel.

Join us to help the people in Bangladesh to improve their quality of life. Our drama series addresses problems people have in their own lives. They look for answers and contact our counselors, who listen to their stories and give Biblical advice. Relevant issues are used as a platform to proclaim truth. Subjects including gambling, child exploitation, sexual abuse, corruption and acid attacks.

Support the team in Bangladesh to reach people with Biblical values. The production of one TV program costs  $ 3,300.

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