Bangladesh ranks high on the list of 50 countries that persecute Christians.

With a total population of 167,132,000 people, 90% of whom are Muslim, the country is considered to have a “very high” level of persecution of Christians. Here, Christians face persecution from multiple religious groups including Buddhists, Muslims, and other cultural religions.

Despite overt evangelism not being permitted in Bangladesh, our partner has been afforded multiple opportunities to broadcast Christian programs on national TV during Christian holidays. Through this national reach, our partner is able to appeal to a large audience and offer counseling for viewers who express an interest in exploring the topics covered in the programs.

Our partner’s social media efforts have yielded meaningful outcomes in recent history, with their Facebook posts reaching 288,121 people, eliciting 11,189 engagements, and garnering 21,760 followers. Two programs produced by our partner were also broadcast on popular national satellite TV channels. These programs’ portrayal of the Christian faith evoked feelings of acceptance and inclusivity among viewers who watched them.

Testimonies from Bangladesh

Christ’s Uniting Love

“My name is Ahsan. I saw your commercial and watched the drama. It was truly a fantastic drama. In our culture, there is a lot of division between rich and poor people, but this play demonstrated that Jesus loves everyone. Those who follow His values have the ability to demonstrate His love. This drama has really impressed me. We have some cultural ties as well, but through this drama, I am preparing myself to show unconditional love to vulnerable people.” Ahsan – Bangladesh

Deliverance from addiction

“I was addicted to gambling and a lot of other wrong things. Now that I follow your social media, I want a better life. I also got a job, I’m a taxi driver. Please pray for me.” Raju – Bangladesh.

Significant Impact

Our partner’s discipleship seminars have equipped 190 young people to share the Gospel. Among those present were two young men who were recently converted from Islam and baptized by our partner. Their lives exemplify the potential of the 3xM process to attract seekers through the media, grow them into disciples, and ultimately enable them to disciple others.