Afghanistan has received one of the highest Christian persecution rankings as defined by the World Watch List which uses “pressure” and “violence” as metrics for evaluating persecution.

Afghanistan is rated as “extreme”, ranking highly as a nation that pressures Afghans to reject minority religious beliefs. It also prohibits the establishment and operation of churches. This is compounded by acts of serious violence against Christians and the detention of Christians without due process.

This makes life as an open Christian nearly impossible for people living in Afghanistan. With a total estimated population of 40,626,000 people, +99% are considered to be unreached by the Gospel.

Our footprint in Afghanistan over the past several years has been capacitated mainly by our relationship with our local partner who has over 26 years of experience producing Christian media content. Together, we have begun to make inroads into this region where accepting Christ as one’s Lord and Savior equates to literal and figurative death. Our efforts to reach the Afghani people are not restricted by country boundaries. This, as a significant portion of those impacted by our work come from the Afghani diaspora.

Recently, our partner’s social media team sent out 5,400 electronic portions of Scripture, Christian worship songs, and related content. They have also distributed an additional 7,000 electronic portions of Scripture. Their social media following has grown to a combined total of 110,725 across Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube, yielding 558,673 engagements and interactions.

This is significant when considering the hostile landscape within which they are propagating the gospel.

Our impact
During 2018 our follow-up team had about 1,000 telephone conversations with around 850 Afghans. They contact us for more information about Jesus.

A new Afghan believer said to our partner: “When I talked with you a few months ago, I thought I could find a way out of the country. But after listening to your programs and talking with you, I learned about the love of God and started to know Jesus. I am ready to give my life to Jesus completely.” We prayed, and I welcomed him into the family of God. He had tears as he said, “I am quivering with joy.”


Future plans
We plan to produce an eight part drama series and 14 short stories for TV programs. With a population of 32 million people, there are only 3,000 Christians. Some people are living very isolated conditions and have no possibility to meet other Christians. We plan to train new mentors who give telephone Bible classes to them. Furthermore, our partner will meet believers in several cities to connect with different networks. We encourage Christians to create fellowships.

Some Afghans find it difficult to convert to Jesus in this dangerous country. Pray for courage and Gods love for them so they will take this important step.

You can help us to produce short dramas, gospel talks and testimonies. The direct costs of one production trip is $ 11,550.

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