The flourishing drug trade, the influence of the Taliban and widespread corruption are factors which are destroying the country. Each day the Afghans have to survive. Most of them are impoverished, illiterate and undeveloped. After decades of war, many Afghans have lost hope for a good future.

We understand that when you entrust 3xM with your money, you want it to be used wisely. That you want your donation to make a lasting difference in the lives of people who need it most. We want the same. It is our desire that you as a donor may fully understand how crucial you are to the ministry of 3xM.

Together with our partner, who has 26 years of experience, we broadcast series with drama, storytelling, testimonies and gospel talks. Besides television, the Afghans are increasingly using digital and online media. Therefore we use websites, apps and social media platform accounts to spread programs with social themes. Afterwards viewers can contact us to receive advice, biblical wisdom and a listening ear.

Our impact
During 2018 our follow-up team had about 1,000 telephone conversations with around 850 Afghans. They contact us for more information about Jesus.

A new Afghan believer said to our partner: “When I talked with you a few months ago, I thought I could find a way out of the country. But after listening to your programs and talking with you, I learned about the love of God and started to know Jesus. I am ready to give my life to Jesus completely.” We prayed, and I welcomed him into the family of God. He had tears as he said, “I am quivering with joy.”


Future plans
We plan to produce an eight part drama series and 14 short stories for TV programs. With a population of 32 million people, there are only 3,000 Christians. Some people are living very isolated conditions and have no possibility to meet other Christians. We plan to train new mentors who give telephone Bible classes to them. Furthermore, our partner will meet believers in several cities to connect with different networks. We encourage Christians to create fellowships.

Some Afghans find it difficult to convert to Jesus in this dangerous country. Pray for courage and Gods love for them so they will take this important step.

You can help us to produce short dramas, gospel talks and testimonies. The direct costs of one production trip is $ 11,550.

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