What we do

Our focus is specifically in countries where Christians are in the minority and where comparable Christian TV programing is not yet present.

3xM is active in countries known for having few or no alternatives by which individuals can come in contact with the  gospel. Oppressive countries where  religious freedom is not a reality.

Project countries are selected taking the potential broadcast range and viewer reach  into consideration. In countries where broadcasting of our programs not yet possible is due to religious restrictions, other alternatives are considered. Alternatives including DVD distribution, websites, social media etc.

Another important criteria in the selection of a project country is that we are able to find a local partner sharing our ministries mission and vision. Dedicated partners willing and able to meet the high quality standards required are essential for our work.

West Africa


Our key partner in West Africa is based in Ivory Coast. Last year they produced twelve new programs called Miel Mortel. They also finished seven programs in the new series Fractured Family.



Bangladesh is one of the world’s most densely populated countries, with more than 166 million inhabitants. 85 of the population is under the age of 24. It is the fourth largest Muslim country in the world.


In Pakistan, Islam is getting stronger and stronger and the blasphemy law is a real danger for Christians. In spite of this, the Pakistani Christians have an eagerness to share the message of Jesus Christ.

Central Asia


The Islam is currently the leading religion in Central Asia. Any outing of beliefs other than the Islam are restricted. 3xM is making television programs popular among viewers over relevant social issues in Central Asia.

Prospective Countries


It is our dream that millions of people living in these immense countries will see and hear more of the gospel in their own language via television. Pray and partner with us to make this possible!