No Choice

3xM headquarters in the Netherlands
is part of the No Choice campaign.

No Choice is a campaign supported by nearly 20 organizations in the Netherlands. Together we share the desire to reach the 3 billion of the least reached people with the Gospel. We desire that they too may get to know Jesus.

By least reached, we mean all people who never heard the message of the Gospel or never came in contact with a Christian. This is due to their culture, place of birth, or because evangelism is forbidden in their country. Such people are to be found all over the globe – even in the western metropolis.

With the No Choice campaign, we want to draw attention to the least reached.

With the No Choice campaign, we want to draw attention to the least reached.

Together we want to reach the three billion people with the gospel.
Will you join us?

Pray with us

for the unreached, that their hearts will be open to the message of the Gospel.
for the mission workers and their families, that they may feel at home in the mission area.
for the organizations that may do their work.


Share with others the stories that touch you.
Together we will draw attention to these 3 billion people.


Through in-country missionary work, internet, TV, radio, and by translating the Bible into various languages, we are reaching the unreached.
Will you support us with prayer, a donation, or join our missionary work?