Take action

People are in need all around the world. Although we are separated by language, distance and cultural barriers, we can still reach them. You can help them.

We’re looking for people willing to take action on behalf of the men, women, and children who are living inaccessible countries. Individuals living suppressed, in poverty and without ever hearing the name Jesus Christ.

There are many ways to get involved. Will you join us?

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Donate online

Your gift will bring the message of Jesus Christ to individuals living in hard to reach places.

Via television programs intertwining the gospel with relevant issues program viewers are facing. Thank you for your generosity!


Prayer is a key aspect of our work. We rely on an all-powerful God to help us reach the hearts of program viewers. It is only through him that real restoration can happen.

Stand alongside 3xM in prayer by becoming a prayer partner today.

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Noncash giving

There are many ways to give. You can give stock instead of cash, real estate giving works too, business sales represent the greatest savings.

Church giving

We are inviting church networks to engage their members, capabilities and resources to partner with 3xM in spreading the gospel in a unique way. Bringing God’s message of love to those desperate, hurting and destitute.

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Plan a fundraiser

Would you like to coordinate a fundraiser on behalf of television viewers in hard to reach countries? Your creativity and initiatives are not only fun for those involved, but are also making a difference in the lives of those needing to hear the gospel. The possibilities are endless! Be it a concert, yard sale, gala event, sponsor challenge or an organized dinner with friends.

Would you like to discuss the possibilities or could we assist you in any way? Please let us know!

Share your network

Your social and professional network is valuable! It is by connecting with one another and working together that great things are possible.

You can contribute profoundly to the spreading of the gospel just by bringing members of your network in contact with 3xM. Opening a door to a wealth of information, experience and knowledge.