Sustainability statement

We believe that God made us and that we are our creators most precious creation. Following the Bibles instructions, we want to love God above all and love our neighbor as ourselves. It is our responsibility as 3xM to treat all those entrusted in our care with kindness, wisdom and respect.

We want to contribute to the development of each individual we work with. We are committed to encouraging them and building them up. Valuing the talents God has laid in every individual.

We believe that God is the creator of heaven and earth. And that He has entrusted the earth to us to use as good stewards. We want to enjoy all the beauty that God has created in creation and also ensure that the generations after us can also enjoy the earth as we have. This is why we strive to use the earths resources wisely and with respect.

We believe that God touches the hearts of people. Joining in on Gods mission found in the Bible, it is our desire to contribute to spreading the Gospel so that every human being on earth can learn to know the Lord Jesus. That is the most precious thing a person can achieve on earth. This is why we have committed ourselves to utilizing public television in hard to reach countries to spread the gospel. In equality with our partner organizations we are committed to implementing care for each program viewer.

To achieve this objective, money is needed. We are committed to deal responsibly with the resources that donors have entrusted to us.