West Africa

Our key partner in West Africa is based in Ivory Coast. Last year they produced twelve new programs called Miel Mortel. They also finished seven programs in the new series Fractured Family. In these TV programs we address various issues related to HIV/Aids, which is prevalent there, as well as family tension and issues related to sexual immorality. These programs were broadcasted in Cameroon, Togo, Binin, the Central African Republic, Niger, Guinee, Chad, Gabon, Burkina Faso, Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and Ivory Coast. We reached a very large audience. In this part of the world we also participated in the production/broadcast of the movie Second Chance. In at least three different African countries this movie has been shown in churches and youth centers. Many people responded afterwards by writing letters to the partner. Some respondents even wrote that they wanted to give their lives to Jesus after seeing this movie.



West African TV program summaries – with English subtitles