In every country where 3xM arranges Christian television program, viewers are deeply moved by them. This is clear from the reactions to the program, conversations with viewers and surveys.





Joy in Central Asia!

“It’s hard to explain exactly what I feel.

After watching a television program about Christ, I put my faith in Him.

My conversion not only brought with it a wave of hope, but also sparked a hunger to know more about Jesus. I started reading books about Him.

Now I am so happy in Him, I don’t have the words to describe the joy I feel inside!”



Demo afbeeldingGod loves me!
Gabriel from Côte d’Ivoire explains: “A while ago I watched a Miel Mortel episode about HIV/AIDS on television: a man who was HIV positive was abandoned by his wife when she found out. Nobody can tell, but I am HIV positive too. I used to tell people, but many of my friends rejected me. So I stopped telling others. I no longer trusted anybody.

The program explained how the God sees people. That moved me. I knew then that He would not abandon me, even though my friends do. God loves me!” Gabriel, who had been very lonely and had only few friends left, now speaks with others about HIV and tells them about the dangers. “The program encourages me to talk with others about faith in our Lord Jesus Christ.”


thank you JesusI have found Our Lord Jesus
“My heart broke when I discovered that two of my children abused drugs. I tried various ways to get them to quit, from inviting a pastor for guidance to moving to the other end of the city to escape the toxic drug scene. Nothing worked. My sons remained addicted. I am divorced now. My husband made me choose between staying with him alone or living for my sons. Staying together became impossible. My husband was fed up, our sons were horribly abusive toward us. I opted to stay with them. How could I leave my children to their fate? Without me, nobody will watch over them. It was a very painful decision.Then I heard the Gospel and learned about Jesus Christ. He sacrificed his life and did penance for our sins. What a testimony. I am so grateful! Now I can entrust my sons to God. I pray for them every day and trust Our Good Lord to care for them and heal them.”


Michel changed his lifeMichel
Michel (33) lives in the Central African Republic. While zapping from one channel to another one day, he found the Miel Mortel program. “Success” was the theme of that episode. That is precisely what Michel, who was unemployed, has been thinking about for some time. “On TV I saw a young girl like me: she lived a carefree life and showed no consideration for anything or anybody. She was after easy money and quick wins and stopped at nothing,” he explains. “What was special was that this young girl gave up her free and easy lifestyle. I was moved by her testimony. She had forged a personal bond with God, who she believes is a God of love. She felt He had given her a second chance. Her story convinced me that I had to change as well. I decided to leave my own dissolute ways behind me.” After the program, Michel rang the follow-up number of 3xM’s partner. The person at the other end of the line told him that God loves us, and that He forgives and saves those who believe in the Lord Jesus Christ. Michel made several changes in his life. “I know I have a long journey ahead, but I am not going down that road alone: I am devoting my life to Jesus Christ!”