Central Asia

The Islam is currently the leading religion in Central Asia. Any outing of beliefs other than the Islam are restricted.


3xM is making television programs popular among viewers over relevant social issues in Central Asia. Programs interesting for a large audience.


Through these programs we are able to bring devastating social problems into the light. In all of these programs the gospels message of hope, healing and change is proclaimed. In this way we are able to successfully introduce program viewers to Jesus and the Christian faith.



What problems are being faced in Central Asia?

Freedom of religion is non-existent and many have never been exposed to the Gospels message of love.


Family relationships are often quite complicated. the kidnapping of brides is a serious problem in Central Asia. An old tradition in which a man simply kidnaps and rapes a girl that he wants to marry. A tradition of terrible injustice bring pain and bitterness into these relationships.


Alcohol abuse is also a growing problem in this region of the world.




dsc_0410Importance of pastoral, follow-up care


Our Partner organization in Central Asia shared this concerning their work: “One of the DVD’s made for distribution was given to a woman suffering from depression. Her situation seemed hopeless and she was contemplating suicide. She watched the program and was encouraged. Realizing there was hope and that her life was not over. She put her trust in God, that he would provide. She received new courage and regularly attends a local church.”


The individuals offering pastoral care are there to answer the many responses of our program viewers.

This is for some of our program viewers, the only contact with another Christian, due to the consequences of coming out for their faith.