Thousands of viewers responses received in 2015!

Every year, as all the viewers statistics are reviewed, it is heartwarming to see how many people have responded to the 3xM Christian television programs.

In West Africa, where 3xM programs are being broadcasted in 12 French speaking countries, we have received approximately 110,364 responses. People touched with the message, reaching out to hear more about God, the church or help concerning issues they are struggling with. Our pastoral workers have their hands full, doing exactly what they love to do most. Telling others about Jesus!

The good news doesn’t stop there. This past year, 22 programs were broadcasted weekly in Congo. That is an average of 3 programs per day!
The responses coming in are overwhelming. Encouraging to see what an enormous number of people have been reached through these broadcasts.

In South Asia this past year, programs have reached an audience of over 30,000 people. This through the showing of programs from village to village. Men, women, young and old have been given the opportunity to hear of Gods love for them through means of these media productions. We are thankful for the individuals risking their own safety to spread the gospel. Also bringing this multitude in contact with the local church.

In Bangladesh, Indonesia and Central Asia this work is also leaving its mark on society. As the gospels message enters the homes of each viewer.

We are thankful for the enormous opportunity God has given us through this work and pray that the message these programs proclaim would continue to change the lives of those viewing these programs.

Thank you for standing beside us as we reach out to the millions living within the 10/40 window with the gospels life changing message!