Stand with us in prayer!

  • We pray for the perseverance of our team in Pakistan, that they may receive the strength and courage to continue bringing the gospel to the very corners of Pakistan.


  • In Central Asia we pray that we may continue using social issues to reach, teach and encourage those viewing our programs. We pray for Gods leading in the process of making these programs. Granting us the necessary wisdom, know how and inspiration.


  • We pray that our programs in the various countries of West Africa would continue to ignite the hearts of program viewers, that they may come to know Gods love for them!


  • We continue to pray for the many women in Bangladesh who are victims of horrendous crimes. That change would be initiated deep in the hearts of society at large. That victims left mutilated, would find comfort and healing, while assaulters may come in contact with the only true antidote for the bitterness and hate controlling their actions.