Siran, the second wife

Siran lives in Central Asia and is marries to a Muslim man. Together they have four children, Her husband has work, there is food on the table every day and her children are healthy. Why was she so unhappy?

Siran is the second wife in a polygamy marriage. And not only because she was second to marry. She felt terribly pushed aside and incompetent in comparison to her husbands first wife Ayah. Ayah never accepted her and knows that she is her husbands number one. That makes Siran jelious. Something that filled Siran’s heart with anger and bitterness for years.

And then something changed. Siran was introduced to Jesus! She admits that her problems didn’t disappear into thin air. She struggled a long time with her bitterness and anger. But now she has someone to share her sorrows and struggles with someone who hears her, loves her and understands her completely.

She came across a Christian television program about relationships, dealing with people and how God can help us. She saw how other women in similar positions as herself dealt with their situations, what had helped them and what they had learned. The programs helped Siran grow.
Slowly she learned to let go of her bitterness. That was a huge step forward in her relationship with her husband and Ayah ‘the other woman’. She is now on speaking terms with her husband and has peace with and in her life.

The Christian television programs changed her life dramatically. Siran can laugh again!