what a real God can do…

“My name is Ainura. Once our relative Gulnara invited us to her home. There we watched programs on DVD and she started talking about Christ. I had never ever heard about Him before.

She told me that I could join her and visit the Church service on Sunday, and I agreed. When we came to Church, it was a little bit strange for me at first. The people were singing songs, and it felt funny. But then I felt something I never felt before. My heart filled with a joy I’ve never had before!

So, when I came back home, I decided to tell my parents that I went to Church. But my father was very angry about it. He told me that if I went to Church, he would break my legs because I am a Muslim and not a Christian, and that I am selling my faith. But I told him that I would go to Church anyway because I need Jesus. I understand now what a real God can do, and I know that I am no longer Muslim, but Christian”.