“that moment changed my life”

Oda lives in Central Asia. From an early age, she was raised to be a Muslim. She worked for a religious family and had to do everything right. The family always tried to tell her about Jesus, but Oda didn’t want to hear about Christianity, and refused to accept what she was told. She felt that she would betray her own Muslim faith. If she listened to the words of the family, it felt wrong. Here you can read her story.


One day Oda was working in the family’s home while they were away. Seeing a DVD with a selection of 3xM programs on the table, she was curious and decided to turn it on. “I was curious, even though I had always openly rejected anything they wanted to share with me” Oda watched the programs and was deeply touched by what she saw. “that moment changed my life” Oda tells. After watching the program she committed her life to Christ and made contact with the makers of the programs who them helped her on her way learning more about Jesus.


The work in Central Asia is beginning to bear fruit. We are so thankful to hear the testimonies op individuals like Oda. Wonderful that the programs 3xM is making together with local partners in Central Asia is touching hearts and changing lives. In ‘closed’ countries like Central Asia  evangelism is restricted. Any belief system other than that of the Islam is not welcome and is strictly regulated. In these countries it is through our programs that individuals make acquaintances with the gospel of Jesus Christ for the very first time. Read more about the project in Central Asia.