Join us in praying for the following:


We would like to ask you to join us in praying for the work taking place in West-Africa. We have received a tremendous stream  of responses from program viewers for which we are very thankful. It is clear that the programs are providing answers for the enormous emptiness in the lives of the viewers. We thank God for this and continue to ask for His blessing over our work.

– Pray for the viewers of the drama film ‘Second Chance’ which is now being broadcasted in segments (as a series) in the diffract French speaking countries. Pray that the message of forgiveness would land in the hearts of the viewers.

– Thank God for His abundant blessing on the programs being made and broadcasted by our partner in West-Africa. Thank Him for his faithfulness, protection and for all the ways he continues to provide.

– Pray for creativity in the making of the programs. Specifically the new series being made on the subject of fractured families.

– Niger – Our contact in Niger aks for prayer concerning his health. He has a family with young children.

– Togo – Thank God that the programs made are now being broadcasted on a regular basis. Praise Him for the time slot in which the programs are being shown: On Sunday 11 AM !

– Central African Republic – Pray for political and social peace. Pray that the gospels message would land in the hearts of the viewers.

– Ivory Coast – March 13th there was a terrorist attack in the city of Abidjan. Pray for peace in the region and for the victims. their families and those grieving the loss of a loved one.