An interview with 3XM volunteer Anneke

“Interesting to learn so much about different countries and cultures”

“Television is an exceptionally good medium to share stories” explains Anneke.

Anneke works as a volunteer for the missionary organization 3xM. An organization spreading the gospel in countries where the message and is scarcely heard. “Now days TV is available for almost everyone, even in the countries we are targeting, so the gospel can be shared in almost every home through television broadcasts.


The back door

30 years ago Anneke heard that the international organization 3xM was looking for an temporary replacement for a sick secretary. “so I guess you could say, I came into the organization via the back door and I never left”, Anneke tells with a laugh. “First working as a secretary and later in the communications and fundraising department. Throughout all those years I was able to grow with the organization.”


Added value

Three years ago Anneke retired after working over 26 years by 3xM, but continues to be involved with the organization, now as an enthusiastic volunteer. “Working with 3xM has made me aware that I am blessed to be born in the Netherlands. I live in freedom, I can follow an education and there’s peace.

Through the years 3xM has grown to be an organization with an expertise in the area of television: and that is added value. The organization strives to reach people in countries where the gospel has not yet been heard. A exceptional objective!

As volunteer I write the newsletter, following news and archiving new information over our projects. Anneke especially appreciates the cultural diversity of 3xM. I enjoy the opportunity to learn more about the countries and cultures. Working here, I’ve had the opportunity to meet and work with our project partners, being involved in all the ins and outs of the organization. And of course, the best thing about being a volunteer is that you only have to do the work you enjoy.”


Local professionals

3xM volunteer Anneke tells with pleasure over the culture differences she has discovered while working at 3xM. “During a visit to one of the 3xM project countries I gave a training in Swaziland,  when people found out that I was a grandma, they asked me what I liked most about being a grandma. I told them that I especially enjoyed the fact that I wasn’t responsible for the upbringing of my grandchildren, but could just enjoy being their grandma. The person I was speaking to couldn’t believe it, because in Africa most of the grandparents are also bringing up their grandchildren and feel especially responsible for raising them.” Anneke laughs: “this experience made clear for me how important it is that our organization works together with local professionals as they make the programs to fit the culture in which the programs are being broadcasted. I believe this is a unique and strong characteristic of the organization 3xM.”