How HIV lead Manar to the Lord

Manar is 26years old. She was married in her teens following Muslim tradition.  A year after her marriage, she gave birth to twin daughters. Both babies died shortly after each other within six months. Two years after the death of the twins, Manar gave birth to yet another child. This child died four months after it was born. In the meantime, Manar’s husband married a second wife.

Around this time Manar started feeling sick quite frequently and for long periods of  time.  Her constant sickness led her to ask that her husband  to do an HIV test together with her.  With his agreement, they were both tested. Manar’s husband was HIV negative, while she was HIV positive.  After the news, her husband asked her to leave his home.

Upon learning About her sickness, Manar started following treatment and fully recovered her health.  She eventually became engaged to another man and found herself again expecting a child. Manar then confessed to him that her was HIV positive.  He loved her and wanted to stay with her regardless of the consequences. But Manar left him, hoping to protect him from her terrible sickness. Her heart was broken and her future grim.

Having watched the programs on HIV, she decided to call the phone number shown after every broadcast.

Manar tell in het own words: ‘I listened with great interest when you shared with me the Gospel message and that convicted me to accept the Lord Jesus and give Him my life as my Savior.  Since then, I attend the church you recommended to me and am learning more about the Bible and the Christian life.  Finally, I am grateful for inviting me to the various Christmas presentations at your church, which was the first time in my life and I indeed enjoyed that.  Thank you for everything and may God bless you!’