Courage in the Midst of Fear


This is a piece written by one of the 3xM staff members at the 3xM headquarters in the Netherlands. A moving message, encouraging us to stand strong throughout troubling times.

One of my favorite things to do in this period of life is to watch a good film with my two daughters on Friday night. Curled up on the couch last week we watched the story of the Lion King come to life on screen. Like my daughters, I also watch, hoping that all will turn out all right in the end. Throughout the film, I began to recognize similarities of my own story in that of Simba’s. The young lion, destined to be king, but living in denial, afraid to face his past, his fears, his grief. Believing the lies he had been told by others.
Entertained at the thought that this animated film beautifully illustrates the life of a Christian, my mind wondered briefly, considering what that might look like in my own life.

Getting started with my day, this Tuesday morning, I was overwhelmed with the pictures pouring in over yet another terrorist attack. Sadness, anger and fear seem to each grab an edge of my heart and pull.

My eyes focus on a picture of the first victims being assisted by those stopping to help. Bottles of water, shawls and jackets were put to use, strangers kneeling over another. My tears well up and spill over my face. This is Courage in the midst of fear. Love expressed when needed most.

Fear can be so overwhelming, just hearing the news my mind begins to think of all that is precious to me. Fear for the future, for my loved ones, for sickness, discomfort or poverty. Fear stifles, isolates and imprisons.
It was Jesus who said “ Perfect love casts out all fear”. Love doesn’t always eliminate the reason to fear, but allows us to function differently.
Where is my courage? What do I have to contribute in the midst of a society dominated by fear and uncertainty?

The picture of those strangers helping each other in the midst of tragedy stands open on my desktop, I think back on Simba, letting out a roar as he took his place as king of Pride Rock. What is my place in this world saga? Daughter of the Most High, one with a message of restoration, love and hope. Will I also open my purse in the midst of need, searching for anything I have to bring comfort to a victim of injustice or terrorism?

I am no doctor, but I have been given two hands to assist.
I am no firefighter, but I have two arms to hold the weeping.
I am no diplomat, but I long for peace and stability.
I am human, broken to see the pain and suffering around me.

In the midst of sorrow, I am thankful for those willing to stand courageously.
Those willing to spread the message of love, forgiveness and hope even when the consequences threaten their own safety or that of their loved ones.

Those courageous in proclaiming God’s love, introducing an alternative to the fear, retaliation and hate so commonly clung to. Reaching out to those forgotten, imprisoned by cultural norms and the lies they have come to believe.

With an overwhelming since of thankfulness I write, realizing how privileged we are to have you standing and praying with us as we continue to spread the Gospel.