Abstract painting ‘Around the Globe’

‘Around the Globe’ 5×5 ft. donated to 3xM by the Dutch artist Antonio Poiouman.



Abstract explained:

Below, a message of light breaking through the darkness.

Moving upward, a staircase of stepping stones.

The lines crossing continents with the gospel.

Above right, pages from a treasured Bible printed in 1914.

3xMMM is used to express the mission of 3xM. More Message in the Media.

The two dark elements appearing in the center of the painting symbolize the countries where the gospel has not yet been shared.

Further interpretations of this piece is left for the viewer.


Antonio Poiouman

Antonio’s paintings can be found in many places throughout the Netherlands as well as in Canada and Japan. Each work of art is unique, holding its own message of inspiration for its spectators. Antonio’s work can be found on display in numerous galleries across The Netherlands.


Antonio’s work is straight forward. His paintings arouse questions, provide conformation and inspire. Not through an avalanche of dogmatic words, but through the arousal of inquisition.
His paintings are often abstract in design, filled with passion while other paintings lean towards abstract realism. Both forms radiate a loving passion for its surroundings.
Antonio’s work has its one recognizable signature found in the use of different structures and materials which have been worked into his paintings.
The use of  pure pigments en photographic elements allows that his expressive art comes to life.


Painting is available for purchase via silent auction, with proceeds funding the work of 3xM.

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