You opened my eyes 

The story of Bayo from Ivory Coast

I saw Your movie on the dangers of human trafficking, and it hit me! My life is so similar to the life of the young girls you portray, says Bayo (25) from Ivory Coast. Women and young girls in particular are at great risk for exploitation. Being forced to take care of themselves, they are vulnerable to beautiful promises for a better future. 

Bayo is a domestic worker. “I had to quit school to financially support my parents and my eight siblings. My parents don’t have the means to take care of us.” She lived with several familiesbut it was not always a safe environment for her. “Some employers treated me badly. In your movie a girl was also treated badly by her boss. I had to cry.” 

Bayo contacted our aftercare. “It dawned on me that I was just as guilty In response to their bad treatment I was doing my job poorly. But Jesus Christ can change our hearts. He comes for people just like me. Thank you for opening from my eyes!” 


Pray with us for the places where human trafficking and exploitation often occur. Pray for protection of program makers who dare to tackle difficult social issues, and for the aftercare workers who are the first point of contact