West Africa

“I am free”

Denise (33 years old) was left by her husband: “We married young and were blessed with three children. I encouraged him to get his diplomas to become a doctor. In the meantime I was working at the land to provide for our livelihood. After his devotion to doctor he took another women, because I didn’t suit him anymore. That was so painful. I felt very lonely and was angry. Till I watched a TV program from 3xM.”

Denise called a counsellor. She told me: “Denise, God loves you. I was shocked. Me? I cursed the father of my children. The counsellor shared that God forgives me, because he loves me. I had to forgive my husband. She prayed for me. Now I am really free. You helped me to find Jesus. He is my Redeemer.”

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