Vulnerable Women

“It sometimes seems these words fit each other. When typing the words “vulnerable women” in on my browser, pages and pages of hits came up. Curious, I type the words “vulnerable men” in my search browser which resulted in only one page with a few hits. Apparently, the term “vulnerable women” has become a standard term.


World wide women have been placed in a position of dependency. They are not allowed admission to education, their ideas and input are believed irrelevant.


It makes me think back on a discussion I had with a group of young men while traveling in a bus while traveling in Mali. They told me that when a man turns 32 years of age, he may participate under the village “l’arbre de palaver’ or ‘discussion tree’. Important issues are discussed there with the village’s chief. It doesn’t matter if you are Christian or Muslim.


When I asked how the women participate since they are not welcome under the tree, everyone laughed. “they tell their husbands what they think at home, or they try telling everyone as we sit under the tree. But don’t you think for a second that their words have influence!”
Their words as well as their laughter made things crystal clear. In the countries where 3xM is working, woman are disposable and disrespected in a culture where men decide how things will go.


Ephesians 5:25 reads: “Husbands, love your wives, just as Christ loved the church and gave himself up for her”. The more I ponder this text, the more I realize just how deep it is. The comparison is made between the love Christ has for his church and how it should work in a relationship. That is a deep thought to grasp!


Without confronting the subject directly, the 3xM campaign over fragile women is able to shine light on a subject so often left in the shadows. Where does it come from that women over the whole world are victims of domestic or sexual violence, acid attacks or abduction?
Our partners world wide see the issue of fragile women as an important theme to be addressed. And are using this subject in bringing the gospel. Beautiful to see that our partners, the majority of which are men, are the ones putting this subject high on the agenda.


Written by Martien Timmer, 3xM CEO