“I trust God. He does not disappoint”

Shamanism and the worshiping of ones ancestors is deeply rooted in the Asian society. Gadarine was a well known and respected woman. Her status brought her family a great deal of respect and admiration. She made sacrifices, worshiped ancestors and called on powerful spirits to heal those coming to her. But all her status didn’t make her happy. She says: “Satan gave me the power to heal the sick, but he also stole from me. Leaving me lonely, empty and without any hope”.


One day Gadarine’s heard the gospel and gave her life to Jesus. The status and power she had once known was history. Her family was furious.  She found herself shunned and persecuted by everyone who had once loved and admired her. She no longer felt safe on the street and struggled with fear. Everyone knew her and of her decision to follow Jesus.


The loneliness was crushing. Even her five children wanted nothing to do with her. Her oldest was a high ranking police officer and told everyone that his mother had mental problems. In those years prayer was her only comfort.


One day her son and daughter in law came to visit her. Recalling their visit she tells: “The Holy Spirit spoke to me with two clear assignments. I was to ask forgiveness. Forgiveness for giving him as a baby to his grandparents as our cultures tradition required. Second, I was to wash the feet of him and his wife. Something unheard of, going against all of our cultural norms. A mother humbling herself before her children? Not done!”. Even now, the tears flow as she recalls how she acted in obedience to what God asked her to do.


What happened that day started a chain reaction. Her son eventually even went with her to church. Again she heard Gods Spirit speak, urging her to look to her left. There she saw her son praying and her heart overflowed with joy and thankfulness. What a precious gift! Shortly after he gave his life to Jesus.


Now, years later, all of her five children have come to the Lord. She is so thankful. She tells how so many people around her are searching for significance. Something to fill the emptiness they feel.


Because of this, she invites people to come watch Christian programs with her. “people are being touched by what they see and hear” she shares. “It is not without risks, but I trust God, He does not disappoint.”