The Counseling Team in Central Asia Needs Expansion 

A Prayer Request

We are overjoyed with the impact we see in Central Asia. In addition to the broadcasts on National television we have opened several social media channels, employing strategies that can bring us closer to the viewers. And the results are overwhelming both in quantity and in quality. In 2019 the impact has nearly doubled: On social media only, from 7.5 million views in 2018 to over 13 million views in 2019! The viewers’ responses also grew from 100.000 to 180.000. And we did not even count the views after reposting to other channels. We are thankful that the Lord heard our prayers when we asked for openings and we pray for the protection of all who seek Christ in Central Asia.

Please also pray for aftercare workers who are getting all the responses. These responses are nurtured and over time many resulted in face to face meetings. Please pray for an opportunity to expand the aftercare team to a small regional call center that can properly respond to the growing number of responses.