“Thank you for your TV programs”

“Thank you for your TV programs and the advice you gave me in difficult times!”

These are the words of a young man named Malé living in West Africa. Malé wrote our partner in West Africa to share how a 3xM TV-program changed his life. His story is a beautiful example of the impact you have made possible with your giving. Click here to read his story.


Working as a roof decorator, Malé had a hard time finding work. He loved his work and did it with passion. But as his trade was a luxury product for rich families and he found himself often without work. Feeling worthless and not wanting to become a burden for others, he knew something needed to change. Although he dreading the prospect of leaving his trade for other work.


Discouraged and uncertain about what he should do, his path crossed with a 3xM television broadcast. The program was about ‘The gift of learning new things and being successful’

It opened his eyes to the possibilities of trying new things alongside his current work. Malé tells how he began coming up with all kinds of ideas as to what he could try but had no idea which direction he should go.

Calling the number provided at the end of the program, Malé had a conversation with a follow-up counselor. Who encouraged him to seek God and ask God for direction.

Malé heard for the first time in this conversation that Jesus is way, the truth and the life. He heard that Jesus is not only the way to God, not only there to give direction, but also offers forgiveness for things in the past.


“I had been to church a couple time before, but had never realized that Jesus was there for me. I opened my heart for Jesus committed myself to reading the bible and prayer. I now have a sense of peace concerning my work situation and believe God will let me see what I should do.

Thank you for your TV programs and the advice you gave me in difficult times!”


Your support is essential for the making of these programs! Together with Malé I would also like to thank you. For making a difference in the lives of individuals like this young man.