Relationships under pressure in Central Asia

Viewer responses

Our follow up counselor in Central Asia has received many calls this past month. Calls from program viewers in response to the television broadcasts.


Program themes including bride kidnapping, dysfunctional relationships, alcohol abuse and infertility were addressed. Answers for the relevant issues people are struggling.

These programs appeared on national.


Relationships are under pressure

Relationships are under pressure in Central Asia. This is clear

throughout each conversation. Relationships struggling for survival.


The stories coming in are heartbreaking.

Like the woman suffering from infertility. Only to be abandoned by her husband who then goes and marries another. Alcohol abuse is rampant. Many men are struggling with alcohol addictions. Drunk, abusive and violent they torment the lives of those close to them. The number of separations is increasing.


Praying with people

During the conversations with the follow up team, those seeking help are often prayed for. We pray that God will continue to work in the hearts of these people.