No Escape

Since the beginning of this year,  a disturbing new hype has reared it ugly head in Central Asia.


DEATH GROUPS a phenomena of which young adults are primarily the victim.


Under unbearable psychological pressure, individuals are pressured to take their own lives.

An unknown group is active via social media prowling for venerable victims. Online contact is made and what seems like a friendship, begins to grow. Youth suffering from loneliness, problems at home, relationship heartbreak or those with an drug of alcohol dependency are targeted.

To be loved, accepted and appreciated is a wonderful feeling! Youth are able to share their story, and feel safe.


But things don’t end there, the son, daughter, brother, sister or grandchild is slowly pulled into a vacuum they can no longer escape. The group initiates a challenge. Starting off with crazy but fun tasks, while gradually crossing the line to dark and destructive dares. The final challenge is suicide.

Those wanting out are pressured, the DEATH GROUP knows by then just about everything about the individual and threatens to punish the individuals loved ones should they back out or dare leave the group.


3xM is making  programs together with local partners in which this social hype is addressed head on.

Not only providing awareness for the parents, friends and siblings of potential victims, the potential victims themselves as well as broadcasting a message to those entertaining suicidal thoughts.


God not only see you, he loves you unconditionally.

This is a message lonely, heartbroken and grieving viewers need to hear!


After each program a  telephone number appears on screen providing viewers with the opportunity to connect with the aftercare counseling team. A well trained team is ready to encourage, council and pray with  program viewers.