My life was changing completely

Kicked out on the street
My name is Gulbarak. I am 34 years old and living in Central Asia
My life was really hard. My husband left to work in Russia but didn’t return. He married another woman there and my mother in law kicked me and my two children out of her home where I was living at the time. My youngest was only two months old at the time. I had no place to go, I don’t have parents.

Refused 11 times
The only thing I could think about was how I could possible care for my children. How we could survive. We needed a place to sleep. I moved from one house to another. In one of the homes I watched a TV program where the presenter was talking about Christ. When I was in 7th grade, I had heard something about Jesus as prophet, but didn’t pay any attention to what was said.

“My life was changed completely!”
At the end of the TV program there was a telephone number, I called it spoke with a woman who invited me to church. When I visited the church, I thought the people there must be idiots. They were singing songs and crazy stuff. But I stayed and at the end of the service, I accepted Jesus. From that moment my life started changing. I reconciled with my mother in law and showed the program to her. After watching she said “we were doing namaz prayers 5 times a day, but didn’t know that the real truth is Jesus Christ. He is really God” Jesus also healed my relationship with my husband.