In prayer and thankfulness



Thankful for the recent project visit that took place. 3xM colleague had a safe and productive trip.


Thankful for the celebration that took place celebrating the 100th broadcast of the Uddipon (Bangali for enlightenment).  Attending this celebration, were many church leaders of various denominations. We are thankful for unity! The Christian  TV programs being broadcasted have the full support of the local churches.


Thankful for the growing popularity of the Uddipon programs. Our partner communicates that even in the last few months the programs have grown in popularity. An estimated 5 million viewers per broadcast is reached. Also online streaming is being used more and more frequently with 50-300 thousand views per program. The television channel has moved the broadcast time to 6:45 PM which is the very best viewing time in the week. Friday and Saturday is weekend in Bangladesh.


Please pray with us for the health of our partners chairman. He was admitted to the hospital and doctors are still investigating the cause of his sickness. This man plays and important role in the productions of the Uddipon program episodes.


The continued prayer for the health and safety of the other team members is also very much appreciated.



Central Asia


Thankful for the overwhelming responses coming in about the programs published via our partners websites. Thankful that our programs are reaching viewers through internet.


Pray for the possibility to broadcast via national television. The television channels rejected the programs the first time they were sent in. The programs have recently ben sent in for a second time and we pray they will now be accepted by the channels management.


A project visit will be taking place shortly. Pray for the health and safety of our colleague traveling . That he may have a productive visit.





Thankful for the film showings taking place in the villages.


Thankful for the new programs made special for children and the many opportunities the film team has had showing these films to crowds of children in the schools and churches if the villages they are traveling to.


Pray for those watching the films, that their hearts would be open to the message being shared.


Pray for those providing after care and counseling after the film showings.


Pray for the safety of all involved with this work.



West Africa

Pray for our partner in West Africa. For wisdom, inspiration, health and safety.


Pray that the programs would continue to touch the hearts of viewers in West Africa. That those watching the program episodes would come to know Gods love.





Pray with us as we investigate the opportunities of expanding our efforts in other countries.


Pray for the much needed financial support. That God would continue to provide. That he would fill us with the needed inspiration, energy and wisdom to further this ministry.