Impact – like a ripple in water

3xM programs have impact. Program viewers tell how their lives have been changed.
Stories of recovery and freedom, stories of faith and hope.

In West Africa, our programs generated a total of over 125.000 responses. Facebook and social media are on the rise as we received 88,000 responses via these mediums. This increase in responses via social media and internet has been recognized by all of our partners.

Since 2009, different independent research has been completed concerning the impact of our programs in Ivory Coast, Bulgaria, Central Asia and Indonesia. You can find the summaries on our website or contact us for more details.

Based on independent a-select research done in Ivory Coast concerning the impact of our programs in a population of 10 million people, we saw the following:

• 175,000 individuals indicated that they began to read their bible

• 37,000 individuals indicated that they visited a local church for the first time

• 125,000 individuals indicated that they are now attend church regularly

Based on the observations and conversations with partners, we conclude the following concerning program impact:

– People come to Christ

– Politicians and country leaders are influenced

– Programs contribute to more freedom of expression

– Social issues intertwined with the gospel are reaching a broader audience that traditional approaches

– Individuals are being reached who would otherwise never enter a church

– Christian TV provides a platform for churches in the country

– Prejudices about the Christian faith are reduced