Advocate for change

After losing his brothers and sisters to HIV, Didier was determined to do something to fight the AIDS problem in Africa.


Today, he is frequently found standing before large groups of youth, speaking on the subject of healthy sexuality.

During his speech, he shows his public a fragment from one of the many 3xM programs over the issue.


Didier is pastor in Burkino Faso and is one of 3xM’s contact persons. Didier has nine brothers and sisters, four of which died as a result of the HIV virus. This impacted his life dramatically and prompted him to start thinking about what he could do to reduce the number of HIV infections. He decided to follow a training session addressing the AIDS problem. After completing the training, he began visiting churches, regions, provinces and rural communities in an effort to create awareness. In the beginning he received a lot of negativity. But now, years later, Didier is encouraged with the result and is motivated to continue this work.




Young people come to repentance

During two youth meetings, Didier had the opportunity to talk about sexuality with over 500 teenagers.

During his speech, he showed the movie Second Chance, a film with a focus on the topics of forgivness and reconsiliation. Didier shares,“God did something special. Young people attending the gathering responded, acknowleding their sins and praying for forgivness. Many youth came to the Lord. Young people are in search of significance, ready for the message of Gods love and forgiveness. Christian film and television programs are having a visible, valuable and positive, effect.”


Didier is grateful for the work of 3xM: “I pray for continuous blessing to go hand in hand for the mission our God gives us.”


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