Exciting opportunity in Bangladesh this Christmas!

Besides the weekly programs our partner organization is making and broadcasting, There are plans taking form for a new and unique project.

A Christmas Musical focusing directly on Jesus!
The Christmas season provides a wonderful opportunity to share the gospel, as this is a tolerated festival by Muslims. This provides us with the unique opportunity to share about Jesus explicitly during the Christmas season.

This 45 minute Christmas production called ‘Asecho Jotirmoy’ (Light of the world) will combine music, dance and drama to share the story of Jesus life.
The well known and loved Bangladeshi poet (Nobel Prize winner) Robindra Nath Tagore wrote about Jesus Christ in his poems and songs, which will be used for this program. Tagore is well accepted by the Bangladeshi and Indian society. In India this type of dance drama was produced before and is very popular. This Christmas will be the premiere of this drama production style in Bangladesh.

We anticipate that this program will be received with enthusiasm by the Bangladeshi people, providing our partner with a platform to share the gospel with millions of Bangladeshis, who have not yet heard of Gods love for them.

Would you partner with us in making this project a reality?
Contributing financially, partnering with us in prayer as we pray for the continued safety of our partner in their work, the Bangladeshi people as they hear the message and the follow-up provided by our partner in connecting those responding to the message with local churches.
Donations for this project can be made via the NCF single charity funds.