Dependent ambition

In the starting blocks of this new year the words from the prayer of Jabez keep coming to mind. My prayer for 2018 is that God’s blessing would be on our work. That our territory may enlarge and our impact be increased!


Throughout recent years our ministry has secured a steady focus, fine-tuned its strategy and added to the years of experience in using drama to communicate the gospel. Intertwining issues of social concern with biblical principles and a message of love. Pastoral counselling and aftercare is made available following the programs broadcast.


Following a series of broadcasts in West Africa, the telephone of the aftercare center was ringing off the hook while a prominent Imam went out and bought a bible.

In addition to television airings, programs in Central Asia were made available and via You Tube and have received over 4 million views.

Programs made in Bangladesh airing on the National drama channel are receiving more and more viewers even from neighbouring countries.

In Pakistan, bible based films are shown in villages because television broadcasts are not possible. These viewings are met with enthusiasm and aftercare is provided following every showing.


Thanks to the rise of social media, the broadcasts of 3xM are often shared online. Many viewers are also responding via email and Facebook. Together with churches in the project countries we will continue to build on a well-organized aftercare structure. Making opportunity for discipleship.


Together strong

A very important part of the ‘3xM strategy’ is bringing church leaders together. 3xM will only go forward with a project once the countries Christian leaders are unified. This can be a frustrating and time consuming task but an essential ingredient for long term progress.


Ambitious plans

Plans to initiate the first program broadcasts in Japan are being made for 2018. If there is one country in the world where the 1% Christianity is encapsulated it is Japan. Studies are showing that missionary work over the past 100 years is proving little fruit.  The Japanese culture dedicated to harmony and absolute loyalty is proving hard ground for the gospels seeds. We have found a partner organization who understands and shares our vision and strategy. In addition to this they hold a deep appreciation of the Japanese culture. In partnership with this organization we will make three programs which will be broadcasted via the internet. Progress continues to be made in bringing the Japanese church leaders together.


Afghanistan is another country for which the first steps are being taken. Due to this countries complex situation it seemed for a time impossible. That was until we were brought in contact with an organization broadcasting Christian radio in Afghanistan for 35 years and producing some basic TV programs. The prospects of working together is exciting. Combining their experience in war torn Afghanistan with the 3xM television drama techniques will add value to the TV programs. Storytelling plays an important role in the Afghan culture and we believe parables can be used to deliver the gospel to the hearts of the Afghan people.

We enter this new year filled with anticipation as to what God has in store.

Blessed with passionate and capable partners and united with Christian leaders dedicated to proclaim the gospel. Above all, fully dependent on our Savior to open doors, inspire and lead us. I once heard someone say that faith is attempting something large enough that failure is guaranteed – unless God steps in.

It is His mission. Our ambitions in his loving hands.