Covid-19: Updates from our in-country partners and projects

Since the beginning of the pandemic, we have seen a steep increase in the impact of our social media channels in Africa and Asia. Many more people are reaching out to our aftercare teams. People are hungry for personal contact and words of hope in response to their life questions. We feel especially prepared for times such as this. In January and February, we completed all the social media training for our teams. We praise God for His special providence!

Our in-country partners are following the guidelines of the local governments. This works well for our social media and aftercare teams. The airing of television programs and dramas continues. However, filming of new programs is sometimes obstructed. Television production is teamwork that requires close interaction.

Read how 3xM and our in-country partners are responding to coronavirus crisis.


Our media partner reports: “We try to be up-to-date in our content. We address the coronavirus in our live TV programs and we post regular updates on the website. In light of the lockdown, we revived one of our WhatsApp groups. We also produced a video lesson on why God allows suffering like the coronavirus and prepared Bible studies on present suffering and future glory.”


A member of the aftercare team says: “From the beginning of the coronavirus crisis, we saw a greater following of social media channels. It started with an uplifting video we created together with a local celebrity. Currently, we are working on a new script for a TV program on coronavirus and will start filming immediately after the end of the quarantine. We observe that people are less worried about getting the coronavirus, and more anxious about surviving during these times and after. Here everything is closed. People have no income and still need to keep feeding their families”.

A member of the social media team shares: “All film production is suspended, because of the restrictions. In the meantime, we are focusing on producing short video clips on the crisis and its effect on or daily lives. We are producing them ourselves without involving professional actors/actresses. We take advantage of our social media platforms to speak to the people under the lockdown. Please pray for God’s protection as we do this.”


An opportunity for nationwide impact

“In such hard times, it is not enough to support our communities only in financial terms; spiritual and emotional support is also very important to sustain people during this pandemic.” – says our in-country partner.

Pakistan is the fifth most populous country in the world. Over 96 percent of its population is Muslim. The pandemic opens a unique opportunity to create timely content and offer support in these difficult times. 25 percent of its population of Pakistan lives in extreme poverty. The pandemic hits the most vulnerable hardest.

Our local media team plans to produce a series of short Christian-value based films. The series will contain 10 high-quality dramatized video productions in six local languages: Urdu, Pashto, Sindhi, Punjabi, Siraiki, and Balochi. The films are projected to be broadcast on national and regional television and social media channels. Already two television stations expressed their interest in the series. The programs are all based on Bible texts and topics include, for example, “Sustaining hope and care for the most vulnerable” and “How parents should help their kids cope with quarantine and handle their changing behaviors with love”.

Help us to seize this rare opportunity to share the Word of God with more than 210 million viewers in Pakistan. The time is now!

Please support this project and donate. In total, we need $ 26,400 to complete the series of ten dramatized short films. We are thankful for each donation as it brings us closer to our goal!

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