New hope amidst personal tragedy

After care workers in Central Asia are in many ways similar to an ambulance EMT.

Called in all hours, often when tragedy strikes. Those of us who have even witnessed the unbearable helplessness of needing to make such a call, also know the overwhelming gratitude for an emergency or aftercare number. Someone to walk you through the situation while sending help.


One of these calls was received late one November night. The man calling was crying. He had no one else to turn to. A strict Muslim man facing a personal tragedy. He had been married for only a month when his wife left him. He was lied to, used and left totally destroyed. He had lost all hope and  didn’t know what to do. They prayed together that night on the telephone and this broken man opened his heart to the Lord.

About a week later, he called again. This time together with his mother. During this call she also dedicated her life to the Lord.

Both this man and his mother were dedicated strong Muslims, now passionately living for Jesus.