“This program is my story”

Didier grew up in Ivory Coast. His father is muslim and married three women. Then Didier’s mother suddenly dies. “Problems started since then”, tells Didier. “My father didn’t pay the rent for our home anymore and said he was not able to care for us besides his other wives and families.

I had to look after my brother and sister. We asked for help but didn’t receive anything from my father. We only could trust on God. So I took a job to get a small income. Fortunately the family of my mother paid the rent now. One evening when I was looking television my attention was drawn to the program ‘Heartbeat’. This story told my life. I had a relationship with my girlfriend but then I could not found a job. Therefore she left me. When I had a new job she returned. We saw this program together and committed our lives to the Lord”.