“I gave my life to Jesus”

Habiba: “My parents married me to an old man when I was 13 year. We got two children. After ten years of marriage, I went back to my parents. My husband took a second wife who threatened me every day. Unfortunately my children died. Now I am living with a married man who is an Muslim Imam. Since I hardly go out I watch very often TV. That’s how I have been touched by your program. It concerned my life. I was very scared and wanted to do a HIV test. But I did not know how because I could not go out. But thank God, one day, a health team came to my neighbourhood. That’s when I found out that I am HIV positive. I was very downcast and discouraged. I am sick, I have no more children, I have no future. While thinking about my life, I remembered that I could contact a counselor at the end of the film. When I called I told her about my life. Letting me talk did me feel good. She advised me and told me about Jesus. I am a Muslim and I hang up. Every day she called me and prayed for me. It made me think and I asked to call again. Now, I have decided to give myself and life to Jesus. I have peace in my heart.”