Deeply touched by the films about Jesus

Pakistan – “The greatest miracles are when people accept Jesus”, shares our Pakistani partner: “Yousaf was one of them. He (58 years old) is married and has seven children. They are illiterate due to the poverty in their country. Yousaf is working as a farmer in the village: “I was deeply touched by the films about the life of Jesus at a film showing from 3xM. Jesus died on the cross for me and is my healer. By watching films I can understand the Word of God easily. This helps me to strengthen my faith in Jesus Christ. I made a commitment to the media team to help them and spread the Good News to other people who cannot read or write.” Yousaf invited our team to different villages and enabled us to reach as many as 300 people. Churches are now being built and built in those villages.”

Our partner: “Before we organize a film showing in a village, we ask the pastor of the local church:” What is important for the people? ” We can tailor the films to the needs. We determine a time and place and drive to the remote area with our equipment and the silver screen. Just before the show we will sing Christian songs. People love music a lot. Then there is a small introduction to our work and ministry. After the film screening we discuss the film. Our counselors asks questions like ‘What are you going to do with the message of this film’? On average eight people convert to Jesus every showing.”

However, it is not easy to be a Christian in Pakistan. Our partner: “We can share our faith with other Christians, but that is difficult with non-Christians. It is not permitted to preach for non-Christians. We can come together in our compound. It is difficult to keep Sunday services running safely. A bomb attack is very real. In my church, for example, we have our own guards. The police are present. Cameras are mandatory. “