As a professional media organization, it is important for us to know what the impact is of our work. Therefore we regularly investigate the response of our audience. Underneath just a few highlights:

  • In West-Africa more than 600,000 people responded to our programs by calling, writing and using social media. It is clear from their response that many people have changed their lives or made choices in their personal lives as a result of our programs.
  • Our partner in South Asia has informed us that after every public screening in the villages there are 5 – 8 people making a commitment for Christ. We are very thankful for this result.
  • Central Asia: We are not even taking into account that many people in these countries may be touched by the programs but are too scared to dial an unknown phone number and talk to a stranger about their personal questions. One never knows of course who is listening. Some people however take the risk, like this lady who shared with us that our television program changed her life. She says that she is making steps towards Jesus. She has agreed to meet one of our aftercare workers, even if that it requires a trip of more than 200 kilometers.
  • In August 2015, the Media Research Institute of Grand Rapids (USA) has carried out an impact study in Indonesia. In total 3300 people were interviewed about our Indonesian TV-program called Sang Pemenang, which has been broadcasted for over two years in this country. One of the key conclusions of this study that we are very thankful for is that 60 % of the youth that watched our programs has decided not to use hard drugs and 50 % of the people between 20 – 29 years old concluded the same. 8 % of the people under twenty decided to stop using hard drugs.

In general 3xM has concluded that the impact of their programs is that:

People come to Christ
  • By the influence of TV politicians are reached
  • Prejudices about the Christian faith are reduced
  • Programs contribute towards more freedom of expression
  • Christian TV provides a platform for churches 
in the country
  • Programs addressing social issues intertwined 
with the gospel are reaching a broader audience 
than traditional evangelistic programs
  • It takes 3 – 5 years to sensitize people to the 
Christian faith


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