How we work

3xM makes TV programs with value for eternity! Our TV programs are changing lives. Every year thousands of people tell us how their lives were touched after watching them.



We are committed to first developing spiritual relationships with key Christian leaders in the country first. That’s how we try to discern wisely which kind of messages are needed in a specific country. Partnerships with local organizations are key for the way we work.



Television is a unique vehicle to communicate the message of the bible. We reach ordinary people in places where they are. To produce TV programs with impact, we do not only need to partner with churches but also with local TV production companies with an outstanding track record. We are excited that in West Africa there’s a new series of TV programs, called ‘’Fractures Family’’ that we produced together with our local partner in Ivory Coast. This program is competing both in quality and in content with the existing TV programs in this part of the world. We are offering a positive, Christian outlook on life. We are reaching a broad audience because we tackle key challenges from day-to-day life about family and marriage. We strive to tackle the issue of domestic violence, a painful but unfortunately common issue. Many families are struggling. We do not offer cheap solutions, but we work to convey a message of peace and hope.



Our CEO Martien Timmer: “I know one thing for sure: unity of churches generates much more impact when communicating our message via the media. We work THE MISSION: to be a witness for Christ also in the way we work’’