In every country where 3xM arranges Christian television program, viewers are deeply moved by them. This is clear from the reactions to the program, conversations with viewers and surveys. Tho see the real impact read some stories from real people describing the impact 3xM television programs have had on their life



Central Asia

“It’s hard to explain exactly what I feel. After watching a television program about Christ, I put my faith in Him. My conversion not only brought with it a wave of hope, but also sparked a hunger to know more about Jesus. I started reading books about Him. Now I am so happy in Him, I don’t have the words to describe the joy I feel inside!”



Central African Republic

“A while ago I watched a Miel Mortel episode about HIV/AIDS on television: a man who was HIV positive was abandoned by his wife when she found out. Nobody can tell, but I am HIV positive too. I used to tell people, but many of my friends rejected me. So I stopped telling others. I no longer trusted anybody.”

Changed Livs - gabriel


Côte d’Ivoire

While zapping from one channel to another one day, I found the Miel Mortel program. “Success” was the theme of that episode. That is precisely what Michel, who was unemployed, has been thinking about for some time. On TV I saw a young girl like me: she lived a carefree life and showed no consideration for anything or anybody.