“Bride kidnapping”

Ekatarina: “My daughter-in-law came at a very young age to our family and we received her with open arms. But she still doesn’t visit me spontaneously and finds we cannot do anything good. The situation became worse when my son became addicted to alcohol. There is a mutual misunderstanding between us.”

“For a couple of years I have been watching the television programs from 3xM. I recognize the themes so much. The stories tend to be about family relations and subjects we aren’t used to talk about. They show the reality of life. Through these broadcasts I learned about the connection between love and faith. I hope they will be producing more of these! The last time I watched I called the telephone number on the screen for after care. I was very grateful that someone listened to me!

We talked about respect, appreciation, love and harmony. It would be amazing if my daughter-in-law could experience this in our family. She wasn’t kidnapped to marry our son, but she has lived with this fear for years before her marriage. I will pray that women like her are going to feel comfortable with their families-in-law and find peace in their lives.”