Our history

3xM was established in 1980 by the Dutch Evangelical Broadcasting Society. As a foundation dedicated to proclaiming the Gospel outside the Netherlands.

3xM became independent in 1983. Because few Christian organizations are active in the area op public television, 3xM decided in 1991 to focus their efforts specifically to TV programming.

3xM is currently working in 15 countries within the 10/40 window. Active in the development, production and broadcasting of Christian programs and short productions for television, internet and social media.


3xM is accredited as a Public Benefit Organisation (an ANBI),
holds CBF certification for good causes and belongs to the EZA alliance of evangelical missionary work and the EA Evangelical Alliance.

The beginning

Stichting 3xM arose from the EO Evangelical broadcast association as an effort to extend experiences with programmes proclaiming the Gospel well beyond the national broadcast association. To this end, a new organisation was founded in 1980.
The cause is abbreviated internationally as 3xM to denote More Message in the Media, meaning more Gospel in the media.
The aim was to use the wonderful mass media opportunities, especially radio and television, to spread the Gospel.


Many churches and Christians had never used radio and television to disseminate the Gospel; we needed them as partners and had to convince them that 3xM would be a valuable addition to current missionary and Gospel activities. Fundraising was necessary as well. We are grateful that the Lord has blessed this effort. Countless untapped opportunities have emerged for proclaiming the liberating message of the Gospel via radio and television.
In 1983, due to media regulations prohibiting public broadcasting associations from maintaining side lines such as 3xM, this outfit continued to pursue its original cause as an independent foundation: More Gospel via the media.