Who we are

3xM is short for More Message in the Media.

We are 3xM – More Message in the Media. We believe every life matters. 3xM is bringing Gods love to individuals living in the 10/40 window. We focus our efforts on this region of the world as it is the most densely populated, impoverished and least reach with the gospel.

Partnering together with people of divers Christian backgrounds it is our vision to use the pathways of modern media to bring the gospel into inaccessible areas of the world.

We believe television, internet and social media to be a powerful tool in reaching out to the millions of unreached souls.

Television programs implement drama, street interviews, music and personal stories. The programs are unique in that they address specific social issues of a given country or region. Issues including domestic violence, acid attacks, HIV/Aids, corruption as well as other forms of human injustice.

The programs are made within the region and in the local language addressing social issues relevant to program viewers.


Supporting and educating local Christians in producing and broadcasting Christian television programmes reaching out to those who have not yet heard the Gospel.


Our mission is to share the gospel with people in countries where the gospel is hardly known. We use television programs in the local language and we are sensitive to the local culture.


Promoting the proclamation of God’s Word and encouraging people to apply it in their lives via modern media.

How we work

3xM makes TV programs with value for eternity! Our TV programs are changing lives. Every year thousands of people tell us how their lives were touched after watching them.

Hand in hand with local churches

We are committed to first developing spiritual relationships with key Christian leaders in the country first. That’s how we try to discern wisely which kind of messages are needed in a specific country. Partnerships with local organizations are key for the way we work.

local TV production companies

Television is a unique vehicle to communicate the message of the bible. We reach ordinary people in places where they are. To produce TV programs with impact, we do not only need to partner with churches but also with local TV production companies with an outstanding track record.


Our CEO Martien Timmer: “I know one thing for sure: unity of churches generates much more impact when communicating our message via the media. We work THE MISSION: to be a witness for Christ also in the way we work’’


In the coming years 3xM aims to achieve the following objectives:

  • Form new partnerships in six countries in Asia, bringing programmes wherever possible.
  • Expand the distribution area in West Africa from nine to eleven countries that are (partially) within the 10/40 Window
  • Use 85% of our resources to support those partners within the 10/40 Window.
  • Wherever possible, use social media and internet applications, both in achieving our objective and for our own communication.
  • Focus our fundraising on the Netherlands and increasingly on other areas, such as the USA, Scandinavia and Asia.

Each year 3xM accounts for its policy and the results achieved in the annual report.


Here at 3xM we are incredibly grateful for the individuals standing with us in the work we are doing. We are thankful for the support and encouragement we continue to receive from those sharing our dream to reach out to the hard to reach people groups around the world. It is our privilege to share a few of the recommendations with you from individuals endorsing our endeavors.

Phil Cooke

Filmmaker, Media consultant & Autho

“The team at 3XM is doing something I’ve never seen accomplished in my entire career in Christian media.  They’re not just producing the “occasional” TV program or movie for international audiences, they’re producing entire series programming, and doing it with multiple programs in multiple countries. Plus, they’re producing locally in some of the most difficult and dangerous locations on the planet. This is one of the most significant strategies I’ve ever encountered for using media to reach the world for Christ.”

– Phil Cooke, Ph.D. – filmmaker, media consultant, and author of “The Way Back: How Christians Blew Our Credibility and How We Get It Back.

Reginald Hanegraaff

President 3xM USA

I am an ordinary business man, husband, father, son, and child of God. What drew me to 3xM are two prevailing streams in my life:  My love for missions and my love for anything Dutch. So when I was approached by members of the 3xM USA board to consider joining this unique Dutch ministry, I naturally said yes. I realized that I was part of something special: 3xM is led by a passionate director that without any question was called to lead this ministry and 3xM has a clear focus with a solid mission strategy that is result orientated yet flexible.  Finally, 3xM is supported by dedicated volunteers, staff, board members, and ministry partners.  Key words that describe 3xM are: Unity, partnership, independence, and results.

Troy Dungan

Broadcast Media Professional. Dallas, Texas

A mutual friend introduced me to Martien Timmer several years ago. I have spent many years in television broadcasting. So the concept that Martien described to me – putting Christian TV shows on the air in Non-Christian countries – was instantly fascinating to me. I became a financial supporter of 3xM. And I try to meet with Martien each time he is in Dallas. I have now seen number of the 3xM television programs. They are quality productions. AND they are a very effective witness for Jesus. Blessings on Martien and his team!