3xM on TikTok

Our partner in Afghanistan is an expert in exploring new possibilities to share the gospel with the Afghans. Recently, we received a special request from them to give thanks for the huge numbers of people that they have been reaching through this medium for some time now: in recent times they have had 800,000 views! Now they have started a Bible study through TikTok, and thousands of Afghans were watching. They got hundreds of responses, of which almost 60% were positive. This is more than the percentage of positive reactions on, for instance, the Facebook campaigns. Unfortunately, there were also a number of very hateful messages, including various death threats. What was nice is that our partner talked to these people, blessed them and prayed for them. After that, a discussion arose among the viewers, many of whom distanced themselves from the haters and openly supported our partner. “What an example”, they said about our partner, among other things. “What a beautiful chance to spread the love of Jesus Christ like that!” One of the questions was: “Can I follow your example?” Our follow-up team is now in contact with 5 people who responded, and they are guided by them in discipleship and Bible studies. What a blessing!