Have you read our Annual Report 2019?
Here are some of the highlights:

  • An increase of 55% of responses through social media. In numbers, this is 100,000 responses more than last year.
  • Our partner to Afghanistan has seen an increase of 350% from 1000 to 3500 responses.  We cherish every response as they often come with a high personal price. When we started with this partner, they had 76 views on a program. In the second quarter of 2020, they had 1,773,000 views!
  • In the past years, we are expanding our ministry focus to include social media and discipleship. We want to offer spiritual support to people from the moment they respond to our media content until they join a Christian community to keep growing in Christ.

We are amazed by God’s work among the unreached in 10/40 Window and grateful for the support of people like you so we could accomplished so much in 2019.


Read here 3xM Annual Report 2019