3xM is pleased to introduce  New Generation Media (NGM) as our new partner organization in Ivory Coast.
The head of this NGM is Gilbert Okoronkwo, who has been working together with 3xM for more than 16 years.  A skilled team is in place, ready to produce and broadcast quality Christian programs. We are thankful for this new partnership with NGM. And look forward to a fruitful cooperation in bringing the gospel to individuals in West Africa.


Initiating Unity

The unity of church leader is essential.

3xM and NGM are committed to bringing together churches and church leaders of all denominations in West Africa.


When Christians work together, the Christian message gets credibility. The role of churches is important in providing the necessary aftercare and follow-up.



3xM has been broadcasting Christian television programs in West Africa for over 20 years. The TV-program ‘Heartbeat’ is produced and broadcasts by NGM. This program focuses on the issue of ‘family life’  and is based on Christian values ​​and principles. Topics including domestic violence and sexual harassment are addressed.


God’s message of love and hope

3xM reaches people in countries where the word of God hardly penetrates. Via television programs God’s message of love and hope is brought to the unreachable. Programs in the native language and cultural context of the program viewer. 3xM coordinates this in cooperation. Together with local partner organizations, churches and financial supporters like you.